Outside Resources

Other Outside Resources

The following links provide you with checklists, rubrics, and principles for best practices in online courses:

  1. American Distance Education Consortium (ADEC) Guiding Principles for Distance Learning
  2. Southern Regional Education Board’s (SREB) Electronic Campus Principles of Good Practice Checklist
  3. Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Distance Learning Programs: Interregional Guidelines for Electronically Offered Degree and Certificate Programs 2002
  4. Michigan Community College, VIRTUAL LEARNING COLLABORATIVE (MCCVLC): Online Course Development Guidelines and Rubric
  5. Innovations in Distance Education (IDE)
  6. The Sloan Consortium (Sloan-C) Effective Practices
  8. ERIC Clearinghouse on Higher Education
  9. Quality Matters (Maryland Online) project proposes to develop a replicable pathway for inter-institutional quality assurance and course improvements in online learning
  10. DEOS-L listserv. Send an email to lists@psu.edu and put in the body of the message “subscribe DEOS-L firstname lastname”. Do not include a subject for the message and leave off the quotes. Substitute your actual first and last names for “firstname” and “lastname,” above. Send it.
  11. “Strategies for Managing the Online Workload” is a collection of short descriptions, tips, techniques, and methods developed and used by experienced online educators to manage their time in the online learning environment. (note: you need iTunes to view the podcasts)