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The Center for Distributed Learning (CDL)


Center for Distributed Learning
John C. Hitt Library
12701 Pegasus Drive
Orlando, FL 32816
Phone: 407-823-4910
Fax: 407-823-3511
UCF Center for Distributed Learning
3100 Technology Parkway
Orlando, FL 32826
Phone: (407) 823-4910
Fax: (407) 207-4911


Last Updated: 06/11/2015

CDL Executive Team

Name Email Phone
Tom Cavanagh 407-823-4913
Charles Dzuiban 407-823-5478
Linda Futch 407-882-0028
Anita Gabbard 407-823-4914
Alli Henderson 407-823-4912
Patsy Moskal 407-823-0283
Bob Reed 407-823-4915
Kelvin Thompson 407-823-0462
Francisca Yonekura 407-882-0025

The Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness (RITE)

RITE supports UCF faculty in formulating and implementing research on effective teaching practices in higher education.


Name Email Phone
Charles Dzuiban 407-823-5478
Patsy Moskal 407-823-0283

CDL Administrative Team

Name Email Phone
Anita Gabbard 407-823-4914
Christina Stottlemyer 407-823-2917
Margarita Garay 407-823-0466
Betty Laster 407-882-0309

Instructional Design Team

The Instructional Design Team facilitates the design and development of online courses through a combination of face-to-face interaction, just-in-time training and ongoing professional development. The Instructional Design Team’s award-winning faculty development course, IDL6543 (Inåteractive Distributed Learning), continuously improves through the commitment, research and integration of instructional best practices and emerging technology.


Name Email Phone
Kathleen Bastedo 407-823-3399
Sue Bauer 407-823-3400
Luke Bennett 407-823-1835
Tina Calandrino 407-823-2838
Baiyun Chen 407-823-3398
Kathy-ann Daniel-Gittens 407-823-1429
Aimee deNoyelles 407-823-1675
Wendy Howard 407-823-0460
Rohan Jowallah 407-823-1674
Denise Lowe 407-823-4272
Bill Phillips 407-882-0030
John Raible 407-823-1093
Daniel Seigler 407-823-2190
Ryan Seilhamer 407-823-2734
Nancy Swenson 407-823-4270

Instructional Development Team

Name Email Phone
Ed Lojko 407-882-0478
Beth Nettles 407-882-0479
Jonathan Pizzo 407-882-0095
Karen Tinsley-Kim 407-823-1396

LMS Adminstrative Team

Name Email Phone
Susan Hicks 407-823-3202
Kerlene King 407-823-1667
Brent Shaw 407-882-0311

Learning Systems and Technology

The Learning Systems and Technology (LS&T) team creates and maintains several educational web applications for UCF like ObojoboMateria, and Badges@UCF.


Name Email Phone
Zachary Berry 407-882-0312
Corey Peterson 407-823-4158
Shea Silverman 407-823-2067
Brandon Stull 407-823-0025
Ian Turgeon 407-823-4109
Elizabeth Williams 407-823-0544

CDL Graphics

CDL Graphics is part of the UCF Center for Distributed Learning (CDL) and focuses on creating course content graphics and visuals to support online faculty in their teaching and learning.


Name Email Phone
Joseph Fauvel 407-823-0534
Marlenys Reid 407-823-0067
Betsy Walton 407-823-5831
Kyler Wilson 407-823-4152

Advanced Systems

Name Email Phone
Charles Cooper
Mike Brown 407-823-1663
Thomas Christensen 407-823-4197

Online@UCF Support

Online@UCF Support provides technical support services to all instructors, staff and students who use Webcourses@UCF.

Phone and live chat support Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm


Name Email Phone
Elisabeth Greenwood 407-823-0406
Ginan Jobarah 407-823-2641
Matthew Malone 407-823-0409
Joe Raditch 407-823-4078


Video@CDL is an award-winning production team at the Center for Distributed Learning and we are responsible for maintaining the videos for online classes here at UCF. This includes content creation, audio and video capture, and distribution. Video@CDL offers a wide range of multimedia production services and project development. While our main goal is to maintain video support for UCF’s online courses, we also partner with on and off campus organizations on special projects. Our team has nearly 60 years of combined experience in the television, film and video industry. Our fun, innovative, and multi-faceted producers are here to help faculty meet the ever-growing demand for online video at UCF.


Name Email Phone
Dale Fakess 407-823-2650
Aaron Hose 407-823-4404
George Lopez 407-823-0489
Timothy Reid 407-882-2282


The Techrangers® is a team of students at the Center for Distributed Learning, who provide course development for faculty and web/application development for the University of Central Florida (UCF). The Techrangers® act as student advocates and leaders by holding community workshops, participating in panels and presenting at conventions. Additionally, the team provides support, troubleshooting, and consulting for various groups within the University on a variety of areas including but not limited to universal design, accessibility compliance, website design, dynamic website development requiring databases and handling of business transactions among other areas of expertise.

Name Email Phone
Jacob Bates 407-823-6736
Philip Carter 407-823-3738